Quadrilateral Perspective

THE POINT (Meditation)

One day, I caught a glimpse of a small black point ahead of me, very far away… there, on the horizon. Staring at it I noticed that although only a point, it was magnificent and a perfect hiding place for an unsolved, unnoticed mystery. I could see the point smiling and I thought to myself that if it smiled, it could not be mean or wild. Thus, I tried to get better acquainted with it, to improve our relationship. We chatted… I soon realized that the point knew me very well. It made fun of my ignorance, of my scarce knowledge. And so we spent three long years. The point refused to reveal itself; it gave me only hints that led me nowhere. It made fun of me, of my great and unreal passion.

Worn out, feeling distant and isolated from my daily routine, from the real facts that vibrated around me, I was nearly giving up this mad obstinacy of unveiling the secret closely guarded by the mysterious point. Then, one day, when I was preparing myself to take a stroll after my meal, the unexpected revelation of the secret kept by the mysterious point CROSSED my mind: Two overlapping squares as shown below. Then, for one year I dedicated myself to a great concentration work based on the unexpected revelation. And this is how I got at A NEW AND WONDERFUL EXACT PERSPECTIVE TREATISE introducing a new foundation and a new system that free the three-dimensional space on the drawing. The mysterious point I referred to above is simply the so-called distance point existing on the horizontal line of spatial geometry (stereometry). It refers to the depth (one of the dimensions relative to the three-dimensional space).


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